Hindustani Education Society was established in 1978 by Hon. Late Nawaboddin Bashamiya Shaikh with a great vision. His vision behind the establishment of the society was to uplift the society. He wanted to spread the stream of knowledge to the society living in the villages. His motto was to start ‘Education with a vision for minority and rural transformation.’ He was a visionary teacher. After serving in different institutes as a teacher he founded Hindustani Education Society in Ausa which was an educationally and economically backward area.

Intentionally he had chosen the backward area to raise the poor people belonging to minority and other backward classes. In the beginning he started a small primary school which has grown now into a huge multi faculty academic institute fulfilling the dreams of thousands of students and their parents. Azad Mahavidyalaya, Ausa was started in September 1991 by Hindustani Education Society. Today we can see the huge change in the life of the society. This was the magic of Late Mr. N.B. Shaikh. Recently in December 2018 he passed away leaving behind his greatness and saint like character to his thousands of teachers and students.

List of the institutions run by
Hindustani Education Society, Ausa
Sr.No. Name
1 Azad Mahavidyalaya, Ausa. (Degree college)
2 Azad Jr. College, Ausa.
3 Sharadchandra Mahavidyalaya, Shiradhon. (Degree college)
4 Khaja Nasiruddin Jr. College, Shiradhon.
5 Khaja Nasiruddin Primary School, Shiradhon. (Urdu Medium)
6 Khaja Nasiruddin Primary School, Shiradhon. (Marathi Medium)
7 Khaja Nasiruddin High School, Shiradhon. (Urdu Medium)
8 Khaja Nasiruddin High School, Shiradhon. (Marathi Medium)
9 Azeem Jr. College, Ausa.
10 Azeem ITI, Ausa.
11 Azeem MCVC Vocational College, Ausa.
12 Azeem Primary School, Ausa. (Urdu Medium)
13 Azeem primary School, Ausa. (Marathi Medium)
14 Azeem High School, Ausa. (Urdu Medium)
15 Azeem High School Ausa. (Marathi Medium)
16 Naaz D.Ed. College, Ausa. (Urdu Medium)
17 Naaz D.Ed. College, Ausa. (Marathi Medium)
18 Azad B.Ed. College, Ausa. (Marathi Medium)
19 Azad M.Ed. College Ausa. (Marathi Medium)
20 N.B.S. Polytechnic, Ausa.
21 N.B.S. Institute of Pharmacy, Ausa.
22 Afsar Primary School, Ausa. (Urdu Medium)
23 Pundit Jawaharlal Nehru Jr. College, Yakatpur.
24 Pundit Jawaharlal Nehru High School, Yakatpur.