Sr.No. Member Name Designation
1 Dr. A.C. Mane Chairman
2 Mr. M.M. Kotwal Member
3 Dr. S. V. Pade Member
4 Mr. G.D. Tingare Member
5 Mrs. V. V. Gaikwad Member


The Department of Physical Education & Sports establish in1991 is unique and the first of its kind in Ausa as an additional facility for Physical Education & Sports.

The Director of Physical Education for Senior Collegeis Dr. A.C. Manefrom 25/06/2001 till now.

The College Sports Team participated in the Various tournaments under the auspices of Swami Ramanand Teerth Marathwada University Nanded. The Department also proud to have organized various Tournaments at college level which not only improves the sporting Talent of the students but also to help the students to improve upon their organization and leadership qualities.

The Department organized daily Practice session in the college, selected players represent the college Team both in Men’s & women’s the tournaments.

At present the college is one of the best sports centres in the city, providing scientific Coaching training facility not only to the Azad College students but to a large section of public and sports association for their programmes.

Objectives of theDepartment of Sports

1.To design & introduce innovative integrated physical education and various sports and   games.

2.To produce competent health conscious personality.

3.To infuse in the students’ spirit of competition and Sportsmanship that will facilitate a healthy life style.

4.To provide Indoor & Outdoor Sports facilities to students and prepare healthy    Citizen of India

5.Impart Sports Knowledge to the Students

6.To prepare students for Inter Collegiate & Inter-University & Inter Zonal Tournaments

7.To encourage Players to exhibit their latent Sports abilities

8. To guide and assist in the promotion of physical fitness among people.

9.To provide scientific guidance and assistance to the sports person, regarding the medical and health aspects of training in sports.

10.To print and publish articles, periodicals and pamphlets on topic related to Health & Fitness & allied   science.

11.To develop sportsman spirit in the players.