Sr.No. Member Name Designation
1 Dr. P. B. Achole Chairman
2 Dr. R. V. Suryawanshi Member
3 Dr. M. A. Barote Member
4 Dr. S.B. Shaikh Member
5 Mrs. V. V. Gaikwad Member

An educational tour offers an opportunity for a rich experience and a different way of learning. In an educational tour, students have the chance to experience a culture, connecting with the people and place on a much deeper level than they ever could in the classroom. Students have the opportunity to talk to local people, which can broaden their perspective greatly.


Aims and objectives of Educational Tour

1.To broaden the student’s horizon & global cultural awareness through interaction        with the professional experts.

2.To give students an opportunity to relate the classroom learning to the real-world situation.

3.Supplement classroom academic programme with field visits & career focused itinerary.

4.To provide an opportunity to the students to identify and exploit the Internship/Summer School viability being provided by the country being visited.

5. To create a niche in developing/building true entrepreneurs by exposing students to the challenges being imposed by global competitors in their likely future ventures.

5. An opportunity for the college to build its brand globally through successful conduct of such study tours by its students… true brand ambassadors.