Sr.No. Member Name Designation
1 Dr.S. V. Badgire Chairman of Debate Committee
2 Dr. M. A. Barote Member
3 Mr. M. M. Inamdar Member
4 Dr. N. I. Ansari Member
5 Dr. J.D. Salunke Member
1 Dr. D. D.Kshirsagar Chairman of Elocution Committee
2 Dr. N.K. Syed Member
3 Mr. V. G. Javale Member
4 Mr. A. A. Pathan Member
5 Dr. S.S. Korde Member

With its emphasis on critical thinking, creativity, effective communication and independent research, Debate, Elocution, Quiz and Essay Competitions provide a forum for free and lively exchange of ideas. All undergraduate and postgraduate students are invited to explore big ethical questions and discuss and debate sensitive and controversial socio economic and political issues in an atmosphere of tolerance and mutual respect for different points of view.


  1. To develop among the students public speaking skills.
  2. To work for personality development of the students.
  3.  To develop professional / vocational skills related to speaking (anchoring, news – reading, dubbing, casual announcing on Radio etc.)
  4.  To develop among students the ability of critical thinking