Sr.No. Member Name Designation
1 Dr. J.D. Salunke Chairman
2 Dr. D.S. Tote Member
3 Mr. V. G. Javale Member
4 Dr M.B. Motegaonkar Member
5 Mrs. V. V. Gaikwad Member

Objectives of Arranging Guest Lectures

Azad College invites guest speakers to the campus for the following variety of reasons.

  1. Guest Lectures suggests ways to enhance the value of the speaking engagement, and presents a model to ensure a match between the presentation and classroom objectives.
  2. Our teachers invite a successful alumnus to come to the classroom and speak with students about how they broke into their field. Guest lecturers need not be limited to campus-based courses.
  3. College professors from distance learning and online courses may also incorporate guest speakers into the curriculum.
  4.  Guest lecturers can open up student’s eyes to job prospects they never saw possible before.
  5.  These guest lecturers provide a thriving calendar of lectures and seminars spanning the entire gamut of legal, political and philosophical topics.