The department of Marathi was established in the year of 1991. Now it is one of the most prominent departments in the Arts faculty.It comprises of the three streams/ faculties—Arts, Commerce and Science. The students from rural background were provided the opportunity to pursue their higher studies in Marathi Language & Literature. Hence the responsibility of the department is very huge one. The department of Marathi is dynamically involved in the process of teaching, learning and evaluation since its establishment. It has been always determined to increase the level of quality education undertaking various kinds of curricular and co-curricular activities for the students. It believes in high performance and quality standards in pursuing the higher education and often forwarded its steps in this regard. Apart from the regular teaching-learning, it also tries to impart informal education like inculcating the human values such as among students.The Department of Marathi sensitizes students towards language and literature learning, thereby fostering skills to promote future professionals in the fields of education, research and publishing.


"The Education through the Mother Tongue is Always Impressive"

Due to this reality Marathi has the prime importance in the educational and cultural tradition of Maharashtra.

In the flow of globalization all are inclined to retain the regional and spoken language. Though, Marathi is the regional language till it has the ability to present the literature, Science and Technology, Trade & Commerce, administration and Law. That is why, Government of Maharashtra made it as the compulsory subject at primary and secondary level school.

Objectives of the Department

The department aims at promoting awareness among students about the importance of learning the language and literature written in Marathi. Marathi is taught at two levels at the under graduate program me.

It is taught as a second language at the first and second year of the under graduate program me in the faculties of Arts, Science and Commerce.

  • It is taught as an optional subject at the three years degree program me in the faculty of Arts. (B.A.). At the second language level, the department aims at enabling the students.
  • To acquire the language skills by knowing the principal of writing, rules and traditions.
  • To know the verity of utility of Marathi language.
  • To study the translation and the language of the translation.
  • To study the specialties of the utility of the language according to its object and the structure

About Research:

Dr. Kamble B. V. Ph. D Completedand Mr. Shinde D. A. Ph. D. In progress in the S.R.T.M.U. Nanded. They are constantly publishing research papers in the national and international journals. Some of them have published books also. The faculty actively participates in the national and international level seminars and conferences.

Areaof Research

  • MarathiLiterature (original)
  • Marathi Folklore Literature
  • Marathi Rural Literature
  • Post Modern Literary Criticism
  • Feminism in Indian writing in Marathi
  • Marathi Language Teaching

Co-curricular Activities:

The department of Marathiis constantly striving for the overall development of the students. Hence it is conductingthe following various co-curricular activities for the students.

  1. The department forms a "Literary Association" every year.
  2. The department forms "Marathi Study Association" every year.
  3. There is an editorial board that brings out a wall magazine.
  4. Project work for Third year students, Seminar mainly Third year Level.
  5. Literary quiz. Poetry recitation, Storytelling and elocution etc.
  6. Essay competition, good handwriting, Debate etc.
  7. Group discussion

After completion on the topic, students given homework checked by the concerned teacher

Services& Facilities Available:

  1. Adequate Study Material
  2. Practical Demonstrations
  3. Competitive Exam Guidance
  4. Skill Enhancement Course
  5. Career Guidance &Counselling

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Teaching Staff of Department

Sr.No. Faculty Name Designation Qualification Specialization Photograph View Profile
27 Mr. D. A. Shinde Assistant Professor M.A., M.Phil., SET Marathi Profile
36 Dr. B. V. Kamble Assistant Professor M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D. Marathi Profile