Hindustani Education Society’s Azad Mahavidyalaya, Ausa Dist. Latur was established in the year 1991 and in the same year the department of Hindi came into existence. The department has faced many challenges like student strength; infrastructure etc. in the beginning but it has emerged victorious during all these 22 years after establishment. Today the department has achieved many feats since its inception. It has now experienced and very well-versed faculties, who are hardworking and dedicated towards achieving newer horizons in the field of education and research. This department offers Hindi subject for B.A, Part – I, II, III classes. & B.Sc., B.Com. Part I, II Second Language. The department offers UG programs. So far maximum numbers of students have completed their B.A. degree offering Hindi at graduation level in the college. Most of the students of our department have been teachers and Assistant Professors and doing jobs in different fields. The Department of Hindi sensitizes students towards language and literature learning, thereby fostering skills to promote future professionals in the fields of education, research, business, and publishing.

The Department also conducts Skill enhancement course as Hindi for which admissions are taken by students from all over coupling.

However, every faculty member is not only caring out of the assigned work efficiently but is also committed is academic growth and development of the department.

The Head of the department Prof. Tanveer Jahagirdar himself is an experienced faculty member in the department of Hindi.He has been working as an Associate professor. He also worked as In- charge principal and now he is working as the Vice-Principal in the college. He has been interested in the research and educational innovations. He is interested in literature and phonetics also. Another faculty Mr. Mangrule M. S.and Mr. Kotwal M. M. havebeen awarded M.Phil. Degrees and also have registered for Ph. D. They have a very sound academic background.



The Vision of the Hindi Department is to Improve Language and communicative skills of the students in Hindi, to introduce, various forms of Hindi literature to the students, createawareness about the social problems, introduce functional aspects of the language and imparting moral values to the students.


The mission of the Department of Hindi is to prepare the students to understand the importance of National Integration, to impart value based education to the students, to improve the usage of Hindi and communication skills, to throw light on the various aspects of Hindi literature, to impart knowledge about Indian culture and people and to sensitize students about various problems of society and environmental issues.

Strength of the Department

Giving good exposure in Hindi Language and Literature for the students which increase the employability of the students. Curriculum and syllabi are updated periodically with more emphasis on contemporary issues and problems. Dedicated staff members are committed to enhance the knowledge of the students with social understanding and human values through the literature. Functional aspects of the language i.e. Journalism opens new avenues for the students to explore the new job- opportunities.

Aim and objective of the Department

Hindi is the powerful link language of our country. Majority of the Indian population uses Hindi. It has been enjoying global recognition as well. Hence our Department aims in providing a good platform for the students to acquire good knowledge of Hindi language and Literature. It also helps the students to get an exposure to functional aspects of Hindi. Guest Lectures are organized to help the students to understand the beauty and trends of Hindi literature as well as career and functional aspect of the Hindi language.

Teaching Staff of Department

Sr.No. Faculty Name Designation Qualification Specialization Photograph View Profile
2 Prof. Jahagirdar Tanweer A. Rashid Vice Principal, AssociateProfessor and Head M.A. Hindi, M.Phil Hindi Profile
5 Mr. M.S. Mangrule Ass. Professor M.A., M.Phil. Hindi Profile
13 Mr. M.M. Kotwal Assistant Professor M.A., M.Phil Hindi Profile