A Brief History of Department

Hindustani Education Societies Azad mahavidyalaya, Ausa Dist- Latur Was Established in the Year of 1991 and also the department of Geography Established in the year 1991.

Since, 1991 Mr. Inamdar I.A., Mande A.D., Sulgudle B.S., kamble P.R. (Azeem Jr. College, Ausa) were working from 1991 to 1995.

From 1995 Mr. Achole P.B., Bhoge D.G., Hashmi I.M.1996 are working as Lecturer and Mr.Jawle V.G. is working as a Lecturer from 1997 up to the present position & the department of Geography is as 


1. Main aim to provide basic knowledge of Geography students. 2. To create keen interest of the Geography subject in the students. 

3. The next name of Geography is to study the recent problems in the

country as well as on the Global warming, to land use. 

4. Through the Geography teaching we can trend the students with the help of practical in the subject of cartography, field work, village survey, knowledge of Toposheets sheets, weather map, weather instruments surveying

and same quantitative methods.

5.We are arranged the Geographical study tour to give the knowledge of areal differentiation.


Our department is up to graduate level so our achievements are the following:

Many students have completed their graduate level education with the subject of Geography from our departments so many students appeared for PG Education in Geography. Many of the students of department have completed their post graduations in Geography. Many of the students of department have completed their post graduations in Geography. And they are working as a good Teacher, Lectures, advocate.

Theory, Practical and field work courses introduce at different UG level are given below

NOTE: After graduation most of the students go to P.G. and other professional

courses like M.A.; B.Ed., M.Ed., B. P. Ed., M. Lib, L.L.B., M.S.W. etc. Hence, they Hardly come in conduct with us. However, we could collect information of above few ex – students doing their activities in different fields.

About Research:

            All the faculty members of the Department of Geography are research oriented. They are constantly publishing research papers in the national journals. The faculty actively participates in the National and International Level Seminars and Conferences

  1. Environment
  2. Biogeography
  3. Economic Geography
  4. Population geography
  5. Globularia

Co-Curricular Activities:

            The Department of Geographyis constantly striving for the overall development of the students. Hence it is conducting the following various Co-curricular activities for the students.

  1. Students seminars
  2. Guest Lectures
  3. Group Discussion
  4. Wall Poster Presentation
  5. Azad Political Science Club
  6. Quiz Tests

Services & Facilities Available:

  1. Adequate Study Material
  2. Competitive Examinations Guidance
  3. Skill Enhancement Courses
  4. Career Guidance and Counselling
  5. Departmental Library
  6. E-content


The Student belonging to the subject i.e. Geography involved in the departmental activities a part from teaching and learning process.

The various activities of the department and also college for students are as below.

  1. Project recently started.
  2. Geographical Tour.
  3. Celebration of Geography day.
  4. Village Survey
  5. Bhoogol Mandal
  6. Organization of poster competition on various issues.
  7. Guest Lecture
  8. Formation of ‘NISARGA SEVA SANSKAR MANDAL' for creating

awareness about Environmental Problems in the minds of students

community and through them in the society.


SWOC Analysis of the Department


O Faculties with good academic record and assiduous culture. O Major Students are worked in various areas. O Major Students of college are interested in Geography subject – This subject is related

to all education faculties. O Geography subject is closely related with everybody's life.


  • Average Students from rural draught prone areas.
  • Students from economically and socially weak background.
  • Not many opportunities for industrial tie up because of the nature of our subject.


  • Many Opportunities in Competitive Examinations.
  • Opportunities in Social Fields.
  • Students being consciousness of rights and duties will have many opportunities in the fields in which they are working.

Post-graduation in Geography.

  • Challenges:
  • Competition with the college from urban area.
  • Updating and adopting the recent trends.

Less job opportunity

    • Future Plans:
    • To start post graduate course in Geography.
    • To organize the International & National.


  • To develop the geography laboratory.

To complete minor and major Research Project

Teaching Staff of Department

Sr.No. Faculty Name Designation Qualification Specialization Photograph View Profile
4 Dr. P. B. Achole Assistant Professor M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D. Geography Profile
10 Dr. D.G. Bhoge Assistant Professor M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D. Geography Profile
11 Dr. I. M. Hashmi Assistant Professor M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D. Geography Profile
17 Mr. V. G. Javale Assistant Professor M.A., M.Phil. Geography Profile