The Department of Political Science came into existence with the establishment of the Mahavidyalaya in the year 1991. It comprises in one Arts faculty. Political Science is one of the important optional subjects taught a B.A. Streams degree course in B.A. First, Second and Third years. In the beginning there were two lecturers appointed on C.H.B. basis Mr. Patel M.B. and Mr. SagreShivanand to arranged lectures of this subject. Later on, the Mahavidyalya appointed Mr. Kshirsagar D.D. and Mr. Kshirsagar S.D. on the local appoint on 02.08.1996 and June 1997respectively. Then the Mahavidyalaya appointed Mr. Deshmukh D.B. on 19.06.1999. In the academic year 2012-13, 2013-14 Mr. Pathan Abdul Gaffar Jahangir has been appointed on C.H.B. basis. In the academic year 2014-15, 2015-16, 2016-17 and 2019-20 Mr. Waghmare Y.N. has been appointed on C.H.B. basis. In the academic year 2017-18, 2018-19 and 2019-20 Dr. Gude D.T. appointed on C.H.B. basis. Presently Dr. Kshirsagar D.D. has been working as Head of the Department from 02.08.1996 to till today.

            The Department of Political Science has been always determined increase the level of quality education under taking various curricular and Co-curricular activities for the students. Apart from the regular teaching learning it tries to import informal education like in calculating the Human values and political values among the students. It has an illustrious history both with regard faculty alumni alike Dr. Shaikh A.N. the president of Ausa City and Mr. RavikiranUbale (Indian Audit and Account Services) are some of our prominent alumni most of students of our department have seen doing jobs in different fields successfully.

Objectives of the Department: -

  1. To create interest of student in subject of Political Science
  2. To provide higher education in Political Science to minority and Rural areas students
  3. To develop Political consciousness among the students.
  4. Sensitizing leaner about social, ecological and Political issues
  5. Positive role modeling in order to create responsible citizens.
  6. To create skills in the students for employment
  7. To urge students to perceive themselves as professionals in teaching publishing or research
  8. To offer stage for students to build their career in Political Science and creative writing
  9. To enable the students to know the basic political problems
  10. Provide leaner-centric academic and personal enrichment opportunities

About Research:

            All the faculty members of the Department Political Science are research oriented. They are constantly publishing research papers in the national journals. The faculty actively participates in the National and International Level Seminars and Conferences

  1. Indian Political Process 
  2. Political Thoughts
  3. International Relations & Politics
  4. Foreign Policy


Co-Curricular Activities:

            The Department of Political Science is constantly striving for the overall development of the students. Hence it is conducting the following various Co-curricular activities for the students.

  1. Students seminars
  2. Guest Lectures
  3. Group Discussion
  4. Wall Poster Presentation
  5. Azad Political Science Club
  6. Quiz Tests

Services &Facilities Available:

  1. Adequate Study Material
  2. Competitive Examinations Guidance
  3. Skill Enhancement Courses
  4. Career Guidance and Counselling
  5. Departmental Library
  6. Internet Facility
  1. E-content

Teaching Staff of Department

Sr.No. Faculty Name Designation Qualification Specialization Photograph View Profile
9 Dr. D. D.Kshirsagar Assistant Professor M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D. SET, NET Political Science Profile