• To cultivate skills of applying Zoology knowledge for sustainable developments of mankind and for Social responsibility.
  • Quest for lifelong learning
  • Learners as the focus
  • to facilitate growth among students and tap their potential to the fullest and channelize it in best possible direction.
  • Provide learner-centric academic and personal enrichment opportunities.
  • Impart skills which can translate into practical applications for the industry.
  • Provide learner-centric academic and personal enrichment opportunities.
  • Empowerment to pursue their goals.
  • Inculcating analytical attitude and scientific temperament.
  • Sensitizing learners about social, ecological, economic and political issues.
  • Endeavoring to find solutions that will benefit society as a whole.
  • Positive role modeling in order to create responsible citizens.




Hindustani Education Society’s AZAD MAHAVIDYALAYA, AUSA Dist. Latur was established in the year 1991 and in the same year the department of Zoology came into existence. The department has faced many challenges like student strength; infrastructure etc. in the beginning but it has emerged victorious during all these 29 years after establishment. Today the department has achieved many feats since its inception. It has now experienced and very well-versed faculties, who are hardworking and dedicated towards achieving newer horizons in the field of education and research. This department offers Zoology subject for B.Sc. Part – I, II, III classes. The department offers UG programs. So far maximum number of students has completed their B.Sc. degree offering Zoology at graduation level in the college.

Undergraduate Zoology 

Zoology is concerned with the most basic principles that underlie all phenomena in the universe. Physicists ask, “How does the world work?” They search for the most elementary particles; they seek understanding of the behavior of collections of particles ranging from quarks in nuclei and electrons in atoms to stars in galaxies; they strive for insights into the nature of space and time, and they explore the behavior of matter and energy. On a more human scale, physicists study an enormous range of topics including all the devices of modern electronics, complex biological molecules, the atmosphere, and all forms of energy and its uses. Studying Zoology prepares some students to push back the boundaries of knowledge in this most fundamental of the natural sciences. For others it provides training in the concepts and methods of science for application in many professional areas, and for many it gives a more substantial basis for understanding many aspects of modern society.

The professional Education of the student’s beings while enrolling their names to the B.Sc. classes. The board of study thought authentically that some sort of Job oriented syllabi is to be included and accordingly the syllabus is framed


Head of the department Dr. A. V. Pathan himself is a very experienced and has keen interest in the research and educational innovations. He is interested in literature also. He has published 25 research papers through journals of national and international repute with good impact factors. Another faculty Dr. Shinde A. R. has a very sound academic background.

The following are the research facilities in the department to guide the B.Sc. third year student for project work.

  1. Electronic balance
  2. Microtome
  3. PH Meter
  4. Microscopes
  5. Refrigerator

Courses with Syllabus

The Department of Zoology offers the students Zoology as optional course for fulfillment of Bachelor of Science.


Name of the class




B.Sc. F.Y.




B.Sc. S.Y.




B.Sc. T.Y.




The students’ performance is evaluated by

  • Class room interaction
  • Unit tests
  • Project works
  • Tutorials
  • Class seminars
  • Group discussions
  • Departmental oral exams.
  • Practical performances


  • Question paper bank for help of students in preparing for the examinations
  • Digital class room is used for power point teaching various using topics.
  • Internet facility is provided for faculty and students
  • Senior students are encouraged to teach junior students.
  • Teachers work is evaluated by the students and by the HOD of the department and by the Principal also.

activities of the department

  1. Informal Counseling for competitive examinations.
  2. Seminar activity by B.Sc. III year students.
  3. Group Discussions.
  4. Workshops on hands-on training on sophisticated instruments available in the Department.
  5. Soft-skill and communicative English workshops.
  6. Cultural week organized by the students.
  7. Science day celebration.
  8. Teacher’s day celebration.


  • Power point presentations
  • Class seminars
  • Internet access is provided to staff and students
  • Guest lectures
  • Annual teaching plan
  • Daily teaching plan prepared by teacher

Teaching Staff of Department

Sr.No. Faculty Name Designation Qualification Specialization Photograph View Profile
14 Dr. A.R. Shinde Assistant Professor M.Sc., Ph.D. Zoology Profile
31 Dr. A. V. Pathan Assistant Professor M.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D. M.A. (Eng.) Zoology Profile